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NextGen Living Walls: The Easiest to Install & Maintain


NextGen Living Walls make living walls easy. In the past, there has been a perception that these spectacular features are:

  • Hard to install
  • Difficult to plant
  • Complicated to maintain
  • Little after sale support

After more than 15 years of installing and maintaining Green Walls and Living Wall systems, we want to put an end to that way of thinking. We have not only built our own walls but experimented with many other vertical systems over this time and none have hit the mark until now.

NextGen Living Wall systems has changed everything. They are the easiest living wall system to install, plant and maintain. Now tried and tested in Australia by Green Design over many years, we love them so much we have become the sole distributor of the NextGen Living Walls in Australia and NZ, selling direct to landscapers, indoor plant hire companies, and project managers.

NextGen Installation and Design

For designers and architects, the NextGen system allows you the freedom of design that many other systems do not. Whether installing living walls around doorways, TV’s, curved walls, or archways, you get the design you want. Use your own imagination and design skills and let the system do the work for you.

Living Walls truly make walls come alive with and bring office plants to the next level with their vibrance. Making them fit directly into their environment is what architects and designers want for their clients for both indoor and outdoor use.


Plants remain in their nursery pots (no repotting required). So, while over time, all plants will need replacing indoors, these plants are still within their original grow pots, which means simply removing and replacing the plant with no messy repotting or soil needed. Plants can be either hydro or soil plants.

When proper lighting is present, virtually any kind of plant can thrive in the NextGen Living Walls. You will be guided on any lighting requirements. Giving them light, from natural or artificial sources, means they will continue to grow and flourish.


The system is easy. You start watering at the top Tray. The water flows from one Tray to the Tray below and so on until you reach the lowest Tray. In most cases, a manual or a simple irrigation option works perfect, though more irrigation methods are available including semi and fully automatic.

Correct irrigation is going to play a role in the success of your living green wall and the NextGen system makes this a breeze.

The NextGen System does not require plumbing on smaller installations but is recommended on larger installs.

The water cycle uses the tray system which has been designed to work by sub-irrigation, holding enough water for up to a 4-week cycle. The cycle will be dependent on the location of the walls.

All NextGen Wall systems are supported by our technical brochures. When you buy a NextGen Wall system it comes complete with full support and technical drawings.

Architects and Designers for The Greater Good

We all know by now; Green Walls can reduce air pollution and reduce stress levels in the workplace. This leads to less sick days, better moods, and higher productivity. Now there’s really no excuses not to have your own urban jungle to support these outcomes with the ease of the NextGen Living Wall System.

Architects and designers can easily help move towards best outcomes by installing green walls into their projects, with no complications. It’s so much more than just higher productivity and wellbeing for the occupants. It’s giving them a way to support their natural prevalence to move towards a more biophilic future for the world.

Green Design are now the sole distributer for the NextGen Living Wall System in Australia and New Zealand. Contact Green Design here to see how we can help you get your project off to the right start for your plant installations. You can also find us through our Industry Body, Interior Plantscape Association of Aust and NZ.

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NextGen Living Walls can be used on small and large project, and even around corners
NextGen Living Walls visually soften and complement other surfaces
NextGen living walls can be static or mobile
NextGen Living Walls add instant wow factor

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