How to Install a Green Wall System

Information for Landscaping & Plantscaping Professionals

how to install a green wall - instructions for landscapers

four easy steps
to install a beautiful green wall

  1. install the grids
  2. attached the trays
  3. plant the wall
  4. water and maintain

install the grids

The first step is to install the grids that will hold the plants in place. Make sure that the wall can be safely and solidly affixed. In case of any doubt, always contact a building expert. The NextGen Living Wall system comes with pre-made grids that are easy to install. Start by measuring the height and width of the wall where you want to install the living wall system. If you want to assemble a wall with non-standard dimensions, you can reduce the grids by cutting them to size along the sawing lines with a saw. First affix the bottom layer grids firmly to the wall. Continue working from left to right and from bottom to top. Make sure to space the grids evenly and level them before attaching.

how to install a green wall - the grids
how to install a green wall - the trays

attach the trays

Once the grids are in place, you can attach the trays that will hold the plants. The NextGen Living Wall system comes with pre-made trays that are designed to fit perfectly into the grids. Simply slide the trays into the grids and secure them in place. Make sure to align the trays evenly and level them before attaching. Always start with the bottom row, with closed planters. Tilt and place each planter in slot. Once the closed planter is fully placed, start placing the other planters from bottom to top and then from left to right.

plant the green wall

With the grids, trays, firmly in place, you can now plant the living wall. Plants remain in their nursery pots (no repotting required). So, while over time, plants may need replacing, these plants are still within their original grow pots, which means simply removing and replacing the plant with no messy repotting or soil needed. Plants can be either hydro or soil plants. When proper lighting is present, virtually any kind of plant can thrive in the NextGen Living Walls. You will be guided on any lighting requirements. Giving them light, from natural or artificial sources, means they will continue to grow and flourish.

Planting your green wall
Maintaining your green wall

water and maintain the green wall

After planting, water your living wall thoroughly and regularly as needed. Water from the top tray. Subsequently, fill the planters up to the level of the drainpipes. This way, you maximise the water cycle. Several irrigation methods available, including manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic. If you decide to install a semi or fully automatic wall, please see our full assembly manual available to download from our designer resources page.

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